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Welcome to GSK, Perth's home of Shotokan Karate

GSKarate is based in Perth, Western Australia and is affiliated to WSKF Australia and the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation, which has clubs in over 92 countries. We have four clubs (listed to your left) operating in Perth. For training times and locations click the link that is closest to you.

Family training 
GSKarate encourages karate/martial arts training for all ages. As the saying goes "a family that plays together stays together". We have many families training with us (including 3 sets of identical twins) who all train together and enjoy the challenges that learning real karate can bring. We encourage good character, ethical behaviour and good role-modelling in all our students.


The clubs offer discounts for more than two members of the same family. This means a whole family can get fit and stay fit together.

Five clubs in Perth and growing
GSK currently operates four clubs for WSKF Australia - at Cannington, Doubleview, Kingsley and Swan Valley  - which are open to students of all ages and levels of karate/martial arts ability.

Specialised training programme that gets results

GSK provides a specialised training programme to develop strength, flexibility, balance, speed and power, incorporating numerous traditional and contemporary methods to help you get fit and keep fit.

Exciting activities

GSK offers a range of exciting activities, designed to make training and club membership challenging and enjoyable for all participants. Activities include beach and park training/BBQ's, games for junior members, intra-club competitions, physically and technically hard training for advanced students, and social activities outside the dojo at restaurants and members' homes. 

International black belt grading system

GSK operates under the WSKF international black belt grading system and offers a specialised junior grading  programme in Perth.


Shotokan karate training principles

Through the shotokan karate training principles and grading system, students are virtually guaranteed to improve their concentration and focus, determination, confidence and assertiveness, (see our testimonials). 


Recognised world-wide as one of the leading styles of martial arts
Shotokan karate is recognised world-wide as one of the leading styles of martial arts training.
If you are looking to change from another style of martial art or another association you may not need to start from the beginning again. Ask us about our rank recognition system.


We encourages members to train and compete in the WSKF World Championships
GSK encourages members to compete on a regular basis, on a local and international level, and provides training programmes to achieve this.


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