4 to 7 years
Build Confidence, improve focus, co-ordination and develope a sharp mind.
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8 to 12 years
Stop Bullying, improve confidence, focus, co-ordination.
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13 to 19 years
Self Defence, Anti-Bullying, build confidence - FREE Trial.
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20 to 29 years
Real Karate and Self Defence, fit body and brain - FREE Trial.
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30 to 49 years
Learn Self Defence and get fit together - FREE Trial.
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50 to 75+ years
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Welcome to GSK. We teach quality Japanese Shotokan Karate (both traditional and modern) and self defence, and we have been doing it for over 35 years.

What makes us different!

1. We teach our students how to fight and especially how not to fight, which is more about developing mental strength (as well as physical strength).

2. We teach real Karate-do (the Japanese way). Our students continually improve, genuinely love learning and do progress to their maximum potential.

3. Our focus is on 4 key areas:

a.  Traditional Japanese Karate (and the etiquette). 

b.  Anti Bullying, Self Defense or Street Fighting Skills 

c.  Competition Karate

d.  And building Good Character – improving people skills, awareness of others and personal standards and principles.

4. We use the latest skills and knowledge available for strength, flexibility and fitness training.

5 year old girl in a white karate uniform punching with left fist to the top right of the picture looking focused.

Karate for kids 4 to 7 years

Meet ‘July’ one of our amzing students who loves her karate classes because she gets to do new and exciting moves and routines every week, that challenges her mind and body and give her a sense of achievement in every class. She has no time to be distracted because what we do encourages her to focus on everything she does.

young white belt boy learning how to hold a strong guard

Meet ‘Kenzie’ one of our motivated students who loves his karate as. Kenzie really likes to learn his new techniques . . 2 types of of punches, 4 types of blocks, and 4 types of kicks. Unknown to him this really helps to build his self confidence, because when he pairs up with a new partner to use these well practiced moves, with good distance and good control, he then finds it is has an empowering effect on him. This is because he has stepped outside his comfort zone and been helped to be successful at handling an aggressor at a very early age! 

Meet 5 of our talented winners who have worked hard and seen the fruits of their training. In order of appearance – MC, Tai, Grace, Keisha, Ciann.

multiple junior boys and girls doing an elbow strike

Dynamic Karate for students 8 to 12 years

Read more about what makes karate such a powerful martial art for smaller or weaker people and why karate is one of the best Martial Arts to learn . . .

teenage blue and green belt girls executing a front lower block
young brown belt executing a gedan punch facing the camera

Karate for Teens 13 to 19 years 

Eeva and Sam (Eeva and Sam – above) are two of our star and long time students working on their basics. Both have passed their  blackbelt grading recently. Both Eeva and Sam are part of our Instructor training programme. This develops their social skills, communication skills and leadership skills ready for full time work both inside and outside of karate.

A black belt teenage girl doing a round house kick to the back of a black belt teenage boys head.

This is Cayden and Serena (above) practising a take-down move for competition. Serena won gold at the WSKF World Championships last year in Tokyo in Kumite (sparring) and received a bronze in Kata (Patterns). She is seen here practising her control with her foot to the back of Cayden’s head, while he does a slow and controlled take down. (Click here to see more). 

mother and daughter black belts practicing a head kick and block

Karate for Adults 20 to 29 years 

 Above is Sheela practising different types of defences with her daughter Serena. One of the great things about Martial Arts and Karate is that you can do a wide range of techniques and exercises with other family members and continue to improve together!  Click here to read more  . . .

two black belts executing a downward punch facing the camera

Karate for Adults 30 to 49 years 

Above is Troy (left) training with other students both younger and older than himself. One of the things he enjoys is continuously challenging his mind and body every day as there is always something new to learn. This also provides a great way to de-stress from the many problems of daily life. Click here to read more  . . .

young brown belt blocking older mans front kick

Karate for Adults 50 to 65+ years

Here Aaron (Right) is practising to attack with speed and power with a young opponent. For this age group, we aim to develop their skills to their maximum potential while still maintaining good safety and contact control of all students.

The biggest enemy of aging is slowing down physically and mentally. At GSK, we try very hard to do the opposite.  Read more about why Aaron loves his Karate one of the best Martial Arts . . .