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13. Do they promote mental strength?

“Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you”. 

Familiar with that old saying?

The reality is, words DO hurt considerably, depending on what they are, who they come from, and the degree of emotion and intent behind them. The main point of this saying is that you can choose to react to words or not. For most people today, they will react to abusive situations very easily and quickly, which in turn escalates the situation and is not good for anyone. To NOT react is very difficult as most of us know. To easily ignore harsh words it takes practise, perseverance and strength of mind to resist reacting. 

Good martial Arts and Karate styles should foster characteristics like learning to fight with controlled emotions, learning not to react to over-aggressive attacks or contact. Knowing the difference between ‘accidental contact’ and ‘intentional contact’.  They should be teaching you or your children how to anticipate what the other person is likely to do and think, and basically reading your opponent. It’s not all about how wonderful you are. It should be about building you or your child’s confidence and not about you or your child’s ego. Promoting humility and modesty and putting other people first. Not look at me, I’m so wonderful, and everyone around me is not important or only there for me. 

People like to hang around people with good character, good attitude and good self-control. These are the mental traits they should be promoting regularly.