3rd Dan and Above Black Belt Instructors

Grant Rollinson – Principal Instructor (6th Dan)

Grant began karate in 1983 shortly after his arrival in Perth from Christchurch, New Zealand.  Having trained and competed in a variety of team sports, such as football, hockey, basketball and baseball in his earlier youth, Grant chose karate as he wanted to train in a sport which develops whole-of-body skills, strength and agility, and which he could continue to train in and learn from for the rest of his life.  He was also keen to develop self-defense skills.

Grant first trained as a member of Shotokan Karate International (Australia), under the leadership of Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa.  In 1988 Grant began instructing in this style at his own club.

Grant then joined the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation in 1998, where he trained under Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya, the Chief Instructor.  Sensei Kasuya remains a great inspiration to Grant to this day because of his outstanding abilities, and the way he combines traditional karate with modern day thinking.

In the years since then Grant has developed five clubs in Perth, and trains a wide range of karate students, from beginners to black belts.  Grant enjoys teaching karate, as he achieves satisfaction from seeing his students improve their self-confidence and physical abilities.  He takes great pride in the knowledge that he helped develop the skills of some of his assistant instructors from their earliest beginnings.  He sees his role as an instructor as important because many of the skills learnt in karate can be great assets when applied to every day life. Grant enjoys challenging his mind and body.

Dan Rankings:
Shodan (1st Dan) – Sensei Kanazawa  SKI  1987
Nidan (2nd Dan) – Sensei Kanazawa  SKI  1989
Sandan (3rd Dan) – Sensei Kasuya  WSKF  1999
Yondan (4th Dan) – Sensei Kasuya  WSKF  2006
Godan (5th Dan) – Sensei Kasuya  WSKF  2012

Other Accreditations:
Australian Karate Federation – State Judge, WA 
WSKF World Championships 2007, 2009, 2013 – Judge, Japan (Representing Australia)

Current Position:
Grant is the Principal Instructor of World Shotokan Karate-do Federation Australia and runs five dojos in Perth: Cannington, Doubleview, Kingsley, Heathridge and Swan Valley.

Linda Lim Scriven – (3rd Dan)

woman doing karate shuto uchi strike
Linda, a mother of three originating from Christmas Island, came to Perth in 1985 and began Karate training in 1996 to support a friend who was starting his own club.

She appreciates the physical and mental fitness, confidence and social interaction that Karate training provides, and enjoys helping others to learn and develop their own abilities and passion for Karate.

Linda has learned to “Aim high, work at it and succeed.” And to find her inner warrior and confidence in her abilities.

Dan Rankings:
Shodan (1st Dan) – Sensei Kasuya  WSKF  1999
Linda Lim Scriven Karate Action ShotNidan (2nd Dan) – Sensei Kasuya  WSKF  2002
Sandan (3rd Dan) – Sensei Kasuya  WSKF  2006

What was your reason for starting karate?

Trying a new sport out of curiosity

Why do you like doing karate now?

I enjoy the mental and physical challenge, the social connections and the opportunity to share my experience with others to help them improve and learn.

Why have you learned from your karate or got out of your karate?

I have learned I am capable of more than I expected of myself. I have learned to be confident in my abilities, to interact with others, to teach others and to be a positive role model. I have a stronger body, flexibility, priding in my achievements and a quiet inner confidence to be able to protect myself and my loved ones.

Why you like or enjoy teaching karate?

I enjoy the reward of seeing students grow in self-confidence and ability. I am proud to help people realise their potential, achieve their goals and beyond

Why would you recommend other people to do karate?

Karate teaches respect for self and others, for history and tradition, it drives self-discipline, focus and caters to diverse characters. Students can succeed as individuals as a team, compete or simply enjoy the personal successes moving through the ranks.

Outside the Dojo:
Linda has a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering and Equivalent of Bachelor Science (Math) and currently works as a Process Coordinator at Alcoa.

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