Bowing - Beginners

Feet position and order when bowing 

A. Wrong positions 

B. Correct positions and left right, right left

Body positions when bowing

A. Wrong way – Head up 

B. Wrong way – Bending head and back 

C. Correct way 


Timing of bow

A. Defender follows attacker 

B. Slowly with respect 

C. The wrong ways – Too fast, out of time, feet not together and not looking

Correct Distance

A. Incorrect distance – Too close

B. Incorrect distance – Too far

C. Incorrect distance – Fists to shoulders (not chest)

Step back, lower block, kiai and announce target

A. Knees together, elbows touch, lower height, feet not in line

B. Strong block, loud and eye contact

C. Announce target, (Jodan/Head) loud with attitude