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Competition Karate Success 

Competition is a big part of what we do at GSK but it is not the only thing we pride ourselves on.

How did we go in 2019?

The total number of medals we won last year:

24 Gold medals

25 Silver medals

32 Bronze medals

Meaning we placed in the top 3 positions 81 times last year.

All GSK Members are invited to compete in local and national competitions.

Why do we do competition-specific training?

All members who want to compete are required to do competition-specific training before competing. This due to the fact competition fighting is quite different from traditional Japanese karate Training.

Why are we affiliated with WSKF Australia?

WSKF Australia is a non-profit organisation. This organisation specifically promotes and supports all our students that compete.

For more information about WSKF and/or WSKF Australia (Click on WSKF).

Why we don’t force our students to compete

Many clubs do not inform you prior to joining that they expect you or your children to compete. With us, we do not do this. In some ways competing in a competition is an excellent way to bring out the best in some kids and adults because it pushes you out of your comfort zone, builds confidence, and is very good at giving you a goal to work towards. With us, competing is not a standard or mandatory requirement as it is in some clubs.

Interested in competing?

To be a good competitor there are 7 traits you need to develop. Talk to our instructors and see how many traits you have for success or how to gain them.

Competing is not for everyone

80 to 90% of our students do not compete. This not because they are not very good or talented, as we do have some amazing students who would be excellent if they did compete. This can be because of a number of reasons; like they have too much else on, or they prefer either the traditional Karate, street fighting Karate, or the point-scoring style of Karate.