Karate Discounts

At GSK we believe karate is for everyone in the family from your 4 years to the more mature adult. Everyone needs physical and mental exercise. Everyone needs to be challenged, everyone needs to build a good positive relationship within their family by doing things together and everyone needs to know how to defend themselves.

To do this we offer discounts to encourage all ages:

0% 1st Family member

10% 2nd Family member

25% 3rd Family member

50% 4th Family member

75% 5th Family member

75% 6th+ Family member

(Conditions apply)

Train for FREE at our other clubs

If you are paying fees at one of our clubs, it means you can train for free at any of our other clubs at any time.

Train up to 5 times a week

At any of our clubs and pay no more! This means if you miss a class because of illness, it’s easy to do a catch-up class and pay no more.

Discounts on all Gear!

To our members, we give better than shop prices on all uniforms and gear that you are likely to need.