Ellenbrook Karate Club/Dojo

Who we are

We are a close-knit group of people at our Ellenbrook Martial Arts – Ellenbrook Karate club (or Karate Ellenbrook Club) that enjoy our karate training and the social interaction of each other, we train hard and have fun too. Our Junior class mainly comprises of primary school kids both girls and boys, the Seniors or Adults class is a mixed bag of mainly High School kids, Uni students and working adults who all train hard and get on very well.

We are a member of the WSKF (The World Shotokan Karate-do Federation Japan), one of the most well known and recognised authentic karate styles, which trains in over 100 countries worldwide and therefore offers many exciting benefits to members.

What we do

The priority of what we do in each class (during a school term) is get our students to their next belt level as fast as we can so that they can see the results of their own hard training which in turn boosts the student’s confidence.

3 Main areas we cover are

Learning basics (called Kihon) which cover a number of different types types of punches, blocks and kicks. Then they learn to defend and fight opponents in multiple directions (called Kata or Patterns) and lastly, there is sparring with a friendly club member (called Kumite) to get used to having someone attack you and to learn to counter-attack. This builds confidence and teaches the student to stand up for themselves. Not to mention a whole host of other things you learn as you move up the ranks or belt levels.

Other areas we cover

The other areas we cover in our Ellenbrook karate club are: Competition fighting, Self defence fighting (street fighting basically) and Traditional Karate fighting. All of these types of sparring have very different approaches and types of training. We also cover stretching, strength training, flexibility and agility training, self-defence training and bullying.

Principles, morals, honesty and etiquette

Our Instructors at Ellenbrook Martial Arts club pride themselves on teaching what most parents want their kids to learn.

Parents now days love their kids to do Karate because it teaches students way more than just ‘how to fight’. More importantly, it teaches them ‘how NOT to fight’. Karate teaches kids (and adults) a whole range of mental skills as well like self-confidence, respect for yourself and others, good manners, good people skills, modesty, humility, perseverance, to have a good attitude and personal standards, and to be a good sport. These are but only a few of many things we do.

Little Kids Karate

For little kids at our Ellenbrook karate club, the beginnings of all of the above are interlaced into exercises and games that are lots of fun but are hard work at the same time. With Kids Karate we try to give the little ones a heads start in life with very important things like building core strength, and overall strength, good balance, good co-ordination and flexibility if needed. If you are a parent you’ll be please to know we work on other things like listing skills, being quiet and patient, making quick decisions, running not walking, being polite, not talking out of turn and not being lazy to name a few.

Where we are

Our Karate Ellenbrook Club (Ellenbrook Karate Club) is located in the Gracelife Community Centre in Ellenbrook next to the Ellenbrook IGA store and shopping centre.  Kids, juniors and adults are welcome to join anytime, you don’t have to wait till the beginning of term like some sports.

Karate Ellenbrook Club – training times:


6 to 7 pm – Juniors to Intermediate

7 to 8 pm – Advanced



6 to 7 pm – Juniors to Intermediate

7 to 8 pm – Advanced


School Holidays

Training as normal.

Public Holidays:

No training.

First class is FREE

Call to enrol, or just come along. Members of our clubs can train up to 6 times a week if you choose and pay no extra.

Ellenbrook Location:

Gracelife Community Hall, 66 Woodlake Boulevard, Ellenbrook, 6069 (beside the Shopping Centre)

For more information call; 

GSK (08) 9444 3737