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Eric Truong 

3 Dan (Sandan)

head and shoulder shot of a man in karate uniform and black belt smiling at the camera, Eric Truong


Dan Ranking

1st Dan – Masuda Sensei – SKI – 2013

2nd Dan – Bryan Dukas Sensei – WSKF – 2019

3rd Dan – Bryan Dukas Sensei – WSKF – 2023

Competition Achievements

2019 – Bronze Medal – Kata – Senshinkan Open

2018 – Bronze Medal – Kumite – Senshinkan Open

2017 – Silver Medal – Kumite – Perth Open

A black and white head and shoulder shot of Eric posing

What was the reason you started Karate?

I also hold a 1st dan in tae kwon do, however, I wasn’t able to continue this when I moved to Japan so I decided to take up karate for fitness and to get involved with the community. 

Why do you like doing Karate?

It has helped me to maintain my fitness in an interesting and exciting way. 

What have you learned from doing Karate?

How important it is to keep working at anything you do. Due to occasional injuries, I have had a few breaks from training and it is always a real shock when you come back. You can never take it easy and expect to be where you were when you left off.

What do you like most about Karate?

I enjoy the traditional cultural aspects of karate, along with the constant pursuit of self-improvement. 

Why would you recommend Karate as opposed to another sport?

The constant focus on respect for everyone is something that I really believe in.

What are your current occupation, position, and brief description?

Primary school teacher

A picture of Eric teaching 3 students, two green belts and one blue belt

What do you like the most about Karate or teaching Karate?

I enjoy watching the students grow in both ability and confidence as they practice. 

What do you like the most about your club or GSK?

All the clubs are extremely welcoming and friendly, no matter where you come from or what level you might be. The instructors really do enjoy the sport and this drive can be seen in many of the students and clubs.


3rd Dan+ Black Belts    2nd Dan Black Belts

1st Dan Black Belts