Yohan Mado

3rd Dan (Sandan)

head and shoulder shot of smiling Hansel Mado

Dan Rankings 

3 Dan – Grant Rollinson Sensei (6 Dan), Bryan Dukas Sensei (6 Dan) and Sensei Kasuya (9 Dan)

2 Dan – Grant Rollinson Sensei (6 Dan) – WSKF – 2019 

1 Dan – Grant Rollinson Sensei – WSKF – 2017

Competition Achievements 

2019 – Bronze Medal – Kata – Shobukan Open 

2018 – Bronze Medal – Kata & Kumite – WA Open 

2017 – Gold Medal – Kata – Yoseikan State Championships 

black and white head and shoudler shot of a teenage boy performing an elbow strike towards the camera

Yohan Mado

Reason you started Karate?
My parents encouraged me to join.
Why do you like doing Karate?
The motivation to keep learning new stuff everyday and making new friends!
What have you learned from doing Karate?
To be disciplined, motivated and high spirited when tackling day to day activities.
What do you like most about Karate?
The interaction 
Why would you recommend karate as opposed to another sport?
It not only builds physical balance and capability, it also builds self-esteem and courage 
What is you current occupation? 
Studying at University – sports science.
What do you like the most about Karate or teaching Karate?
It develops respectful communication skills. 
What do you like the most about your club or GSK?
The instructors and the friends. And the lovely parents.