Karate for all ages

Choose the age group that suits you

We teach self-defence, anti-bullying and competition fighting. We build good moral character and confidence. Increase real power with your body for self-defence. Teamwork, learn how to become a good leader and follower.

Karate for 4-19 year olds

young white belt boy learning how to hold a strong guard, karate for all ages

We believe that in order for a child to learn, they need a fun and supportive learning environment. That is why our instructors are patient and supportive at all times, providing one-to-one guidance as well as making sure that they are learning at a pace that suits them. 

young girl instructing green and white belt little tigers

We love to see the transformation that often happens with our kids in their abilities. Changes for the better that often flow on to their school work and behaviour.

junior girl showing a focused head punch

In this age group they train overall body strength, balance, co-ordination, flexibility, agility, focus, attitude, listening skills, good manners (dojo etiquette), awareness of others and social skills (interacting with others).

Karate for 20-65+ year olds

teen brown belt executing a take down against black belt girl

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been with us for years, since starting in our kids’ classes, or whether you have just joined us for the very first time and never done anything like this before. With Karate for young adults there is always something new and exciting to learn in every class.

black belt demonstrating how to get out of a strangle hold

If you are between 30 and 49 years, you are bound to be very busy with work and families to take up all of your time. Most of our students at this age find doing karate a nice break and a much needed mind shift to be doing something for themselves that takes them away from all the other stresses they are dealing with! When you do karate you simply cannot stress about anything else because you have to focus on what you are doing all the time.

Karate for adults - blackbelt group standing in fudo dachi executing a knife hand block

Is Karate of all ages? Yes, Karate  can benefit many people. It helps you to develop your fitness, it gives you valuable skills to defend yourself, and it creates a sense of life balance. 

We show you how to do every move in detail and take you through it step by step and keep helping you until you are really confident. Our adult karate classes are taught by some of the best martial arts teachers in Perth.

Karate for all ages

Our aim is for you and/or your child to be successful no matter what road you/they take. If you are very competitive, we can definitely help you succeed in competition and if you’re not! We can also make sure you very successful in many other fulfilling ways.

Our instructors are well trained and qualified in the field of Shotokan Karate, and fully licensed coaches with the DLGSC (Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries) and are WWK (Working With Kids) approved.