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Karate for young adults 20-29 year olds

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been with us for years, since starting in our kids’ classes, or whether you have just joined us for the very first time and never done anything like this before. With Karate for young adults there is always something new and exciting to learn in every class.

teenage brown belt executing a foot sweep take down against black belt girl

This is Serena just after tapping Cayden on the back of his head with her foot. Cayden is practising how to do a take down to a kick to the head with control and without hurting your opponent. 

teen brown belt executing a take down against black belt girl

Here you can see that Serena has complete trust in her opponent. Building a high level of skill and trust with your opponent is very important when training. After this they reversed the roles.

teenage brown belt side kicking black belt

Side kicks are for generating power and force (shown above). This is one of a wide variety of kicks you learn in our classes.

mother and daughter black belts practicing a head kick and block