Teach your kids protection with Karate at WSKF Australia

Teach your kids protection with Karate at WSKF Australia black belt intructor showing two brown belts how to perform and get out of a strangle hold
One of the things we always say at WSKF Australia is that we teach people how to fight but more importantly how not to fight. We believe in self-protection, as do many of our students. Being able to defend yourself in a dangerous situation is essential for anyone, regardless of gender or age. However, we also believe that real strength is not shown by one’s ability to win a fight. Instead, true power is being able to walk away from a fight. This philosophy is at the backbone of our courses for kids karate in Perth.Why Karate Does Not Equal FightingAt WSKF Australia, one of the things we have found over the years is that parents are very split on their viewpoints concerning protection. Some parents, when signing their children up for karate for kids in Perth, view self-defence as a benefit. They want their kids to be able to protect themselves. Other parents, meanwhile, like all the physical and mental benefits that karate can deliver for kids—such as improved strength, balance, flexibility, focus, attitude and listening skills—but don’t necessarily love the idea of teaching their son or daughter how to fight.For these reasons, we think the ‘we teach people how to fight and how not to fight’ statement is a sufficient motto for our business. We acknowledge that karate can be a useful form of protection-defence. However, we also teach our students—especially kids—that learning these moves is not a licence to fight.Aggression is not supported in our courses. Instead, we frame our training as athletic, fun, challenging and interactive. Our students are not thinking about fighting when they are learning these skills. They are thinking about their bodies and how they move. They are thinking about all the small decisions that go into staging an attack or formulating a counter attack. They are focusing on listening to their instructors so that they can keep up with the demanding nature of our classes. In short, they are thinking of karate more as a sport or activity than as a way that they can win a playground scuffle.Of course, self-defence is a part of our Perth karate for kids training. We teach kids moves they can use to defend themselves in a dangerous situation. However, the way that we structure our training at WSKF Australia emphasises respect—not just for instructors or peers, but also for the art of karate itself. Our students learn how to use this craft and are taught how to recognise when using it might be appropriate.


Are you looking for karate for kids in Perth? No matter your stance on self-protection, you can be sure that your child will be in good hands at WSKF Australia. To learn more about our opportunities for kids karate in Perth, give us a call today.