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young boy and girl in a white karate uniform punching with left fist to the top right of the picture looking focused.

GSK Kwinana Karate Club/Dojo. Quality Martial Arts near you.

Welcome to Kwinana, Western Australia’s industrial hub, where the power of industry meets the discipline and grace of martial arts. As a thriving center of economic activity, Kwinana is also home to a vibrant martial arts scene that caters to all ages. Join us as we explore the unique fusion of industry and martial arts in this dynamic city.

8 reasons why our Karate will change your child . . .

Our training is better because our curriculum can be available 24/7.

At GSK, our priority is to get you and/or your child to successfully achieve your next belt whether it be yellow belt or Black belt. We provide online training videos, tailored for each belt level to aid you in your training. This means you can train 24/7 anywhere, anytime when it suits you! And if you missed a class, you can catch up with what you missed.

There is way more to Karate than you may think . . .

At GSK, we have comprehensive, exclusive books to show you exactly why, what, when and how to move to maximise your bodies efficiency and power. How to breathe, think and focus. Not to mention what not to do too as well!

Building confidence is about building success on success.

Our aim is for you and/or your child to be successful no matter what road you/they take.

Being part of a worldwide organisation has major benefits!

For a start, you get to have friends all over the world! You get to travel to Japan, and you get to train with some truly amazing like-minded people from all over the world. The best part is the depth of knowledge you gain from training with true tradition masters as well as international champions.

multiple junior boys and girls doing a Karate elbow strike

Each rank/belt you receive is recognised in over 100 countries.

This is important because if you are part of a big organisation or group, it can mean that in years to come, when you want to travel to another country, your belt is recognised with WSKF clubs around the world.

We take you and your child’s safety very seriously.

You may not be aware, but Karate and martial arts clubs are required to have their instructors do a government certified coaching course every few years and be working with kids approved and first aid approved. All our blackbelt instructors are required to do this!  

junior girls practicing kicking whilst using the support of the wall

Why the ‘hard road’ is actually the ‘easier road’!

Many kids, and adults for that matter, don’t understand that taking the harder road is actually the easier and quicker road in the long run.  At GSK, we try very hard to instil this thinking in our student’s training. This is why successful Karate students are often be very successful in many other areas of their lives because it develops a good work ethic and mindset for the long term.

We work on improving you in more ways than one!

Karate is really about self-perfection – long term self-perfection – about continually trying to become a better person not just physically in your training but in your thinking. How you think about your behaviour, how you move, how you treat yourself and others can make a big difference to your life both now and in the future. In our club you will learn aspects of Japanese culture that are commonplace in Japan.

Karate Kwinana – training times:


4 pm to 5 pm Little Tigers (4 to 7 years). Requatic Centre, Studio 2. Enter via the main entrance.

5 pm to 6.30 pm – Junior Beginners training 13 years and above. The Zone Community Centre (and Rollerdrome) Main Court area. Enter from Darius Drive car park.

5 pm to 6.30 pm – Adult Beginners training training 13 years and above. The Zone Community Centre (and Rollerdrome) Main Court area. Enter from Darius Drive car park.

5 pm to 6.30 pm Intermediate and Advanced training. The Zone Community Centre (and Rollerdrome) Main Court area. Enter from Darius Drive car park.


1 pm to 2 pm – Little Tigers (4 to 7 years). Requatic Centre, Studio 2. Enter via the main entrance.

2 pm to 3 pm – Juniors Beginners  (8 to 12 years). Requatic Centre, Studio 2. Enter via the main entrance.

3.30 pm to 5 pm – Adult Beginners training training – 13 years and above. The Zone Community Centre (and Rollerdrome) Main Court area. Enter from Darius Drive car park.

3.30 pm to 5 pm – Intermediate and Advanced training 13 years and above. The Zone Community Centre (and Rollerdrome) Main Court area. Enter from Darius Drive car park.

Free Parking available:

At the Requatic Centre car park.

Public Holidays:

No training

School Holidays:

Training as normal

Your First class is FREE

Call to enrol, or just come along. Members of our clubs can train up to 5 times a week and pay no more.


Kwinana Recquatic Centre – Studio 2, Gilmore Avenue, Kwinana
(Enter corner Skerne St & Robbos Way). Junior classes.

The Zone Community Centre (and Rollerdrome)- Main Court area. Adult and advanced classes.


For more information call:

GSK 9444 3737

What to look for in a club

Kwinana Karate – Martial Arts is one of 5 Global Shotokan Karate clubs in Western Australia. Ask about how you can train at our other clubs for free!

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WSKF Australia

A member of The World Shotokan Karate-do Federation – Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions about the City of Kwinana and Karate

Is Kwinana a good place to live?

Kwinana is an affordable option, located close to Perth’s CBD and industrial hub, making it a great place to live. The Kwinana property market is also experiencing a shift in demand and supply, making it an attractive location.

What is Kwinana known for?

Kwinana is renowned for being the home of Western Australia’s strategic industrial area, which serves as a hub for the processing of natural resources. Such as petroleum refineries, minerals refineries chemical plants and power stations.

What suburbs are in the City of Kwinana?

The City of Kwinana encompasses the suburbs of Anketell, Bertram, Calista, Casuarina, Hope Valley, Kwinana Beach, Leda, Mandogalup, Medina, Naval Base, Orelia, Parmelia, Postans and Wandi, as well as the Spectacles and Wellard localities.

What is the population of Kwinana Australia?

Kwinana Australia has an estimated resident population of 53,278 in 2022 according to the Census, with 51.3% male and 48.7% female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people make up 3.6% of the population, and the median age is 32 years.

Is karate a Japanese or Chinese art?

Karate is a Japanese martial art that has its origins in the indigenous Ryukyuan martial arts, which was influenced by Chinese Wushu (Kung Fu) when the Fujian white crane was brought to Japan in the early 20th century.

Is karate like taekwondo?

Taekwondo was developed in Korea and is distinctly different from karate. Karate is a true Japanese martial art that began in Okinawa and spread through Japan. Karate is known for its step-by-step quality training process and very efficient techniques.