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Medium Weight Gi - Intermediate

Medium Weight Gi - Intermediate


This uniform we recommend for younger or smaller adults and advanced students as they are more substancial and stronger than the light weights and are a very good quality. There are cheaper uniforms you can buy in shops and online but the quality varies conciderablely. These 20oz white uniforms are 100% cotton, are all double stitched, elastic waist pants, comes with white belt.

Sizes with Karate uniforms come in general 'one side fits all' body shapes. For example uniforms come in 140,150, 160, 170cm heights. They range from 110cm to 200cm heights. If you are 165 cm high and are a standard or big build we would suggest a 170cm uniform. If you are a light or slim body build we would recommend a 160cm uniform. There is no 165cm uniforms as such.

Please supply your height when you place your order.

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