Karate Gi Tenno Kata Gi



This special new 12oz Kata gi was created under the guidance of world-class karateka Efthimios Karamitsos and Siggi Hartl.

This WKF kata gi satisfies the needs of the serious competitor.

To meet the demands of the genuine karateka, this  karate kata uniform features the following:

  • 12oz, middle-heavyweight kata gi made from woven and combed cotton
  • Fortified stitching in the sleeve and jacket areas
  • Special stitching in the leg area promotes a better and more comfortable fit
  • Maintains its sharp crisp shape and has the ‘snap’ effect when performing fast techniques
  • An improved drawstring ensures a comfortable fit of the pants
  • Modern Kata design

*WKF Homologated – (World Karate Federation approved)

Hayashi are truly bring a top-class kata uniform with this Tenno Kata Gi. Dress with confidence to match your kata performance.


Karate Gi Hayashi “Tenno” Kata WKF Gi, Heavyweight Katagi, Karate Uniforms

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