Sheela Rollinson 

3 Dan (Sandan)

A head and shoulder shot of Sheela

Dan Rankings:

1st Dan – Taro Kasuya Sensei – Perth – 26/5/2016 
2nd Dan – Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei – Tokyo – 21/8/2019                                                                                                                                          3rd Dan – Bryan Dukas Sensei (6 Dan) – Perth – 20/8/2022

A black and white head and shoulder shot of Sheela posing towards the camera

What was your reason for starting karate? 

My daughter started first 

Why do you like doing karate now? 

It is good for my heath and fitness and it is also challenging 

Why do you like or enjoy teaching karate? 

I like seeing/helping others achieve or improve their skills 

Who have you trained with over your years or special experiences you have had? 

Always enjoy learning from different/visiting instructors like: Kasuya Sensei, Mike Dukas, Bryan Dukas and Issei Nakashima 

Why would you recommend other people to do karate? 

It is a good full workout and it real works your mind and body.

A picture of Sheela and her daughter Serena practicing sparring


3rd Dan+ Black Belts    2nd Dan Black Belts

1st Dan Black Belts