Stuart Livingstone

3 Dan (Sandan)

head and shoulder shot of Stuart Livingstone

Dan Rankings

1st Dan December 1996 Charlesworth Sensei (6th Dan) Dixon Sensei (5th Dan) Durrant Sensei (3 Dan)

2nd Dan December 1998 Charlesworth Sensei (6th Dan) Dixon Sensi (5th Dan) Durrant Sensei (3 Dan)                                                              

3rd Dan August 2022 – Grant Rollinson Sensei (6 Dan) and Bryan Dukas Sensei (6 Dan) 

What was the reason you started Karate?
I started Karate as it was a new sport to try in the village that I grew up in, I was 12 years old when I started.

Why do you like doing Karate?
I am constantly learning and it’s a never-ending journey of learning, just when you think you have a handle on a particular move, then there is always something new to discover about it. Kata’s are my favourite part of karate.

What have you learned from doing Karate?
As above, it’s a constant learning process, the history is interesting, how hard you can push yourself is great, and to be humble as you learn and when you teach. 

What do you like most about Karate?
Kata, learning new kata’s, going over the moves, and understanding the meaning of the combinations, it’s fascinating. I also really enjoy the hard training and how Karate can always lift your mood/spirits. Teaching the students is a pleasure and seeing them go up through their grades is very rewarding.

Why would you recommend karate as opposed to another sport?
For me, it’s the personal challenge of getting the best out of yourself and it can also be a great combination of individual performance and also team performance, which is quite unique in sport.

What are your current occupation, position, and brief description? Supply Chain specialist, background in the British military and also the resource sectors in Australia.

What do you like the most about Karate or teaching Karate?
Watching the students progress up through the grades, watching their confidence grow, and then to see them teach, it’s rewarding.

What do you like the most about your club or GSK?
The diversity, such a great club with excellent students and always a very positive environment.

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