Terms and Conditions of Global Shotokan Karate and WSKF Australia

Updating your information –  It is the responsibility of the student/s (and/or their parents) to update their personal contact information regularly. The club takes no responsibility for items of clothing or stock sent to the wrong address or damaged or lost due to the club having the wrong address.  The club also takes no responsibility for student/s (and/or their parents) not notifying us that they are no longer training.  As such it is your responsibility to inform us as no refund will be given.

Child collection – While every effort will be made to provide a safe environment for students, the club takes no responsibility for any member before or after training for any accidental injury, inconvenience or damage caused to themselves or to their own or other people’s property. The student and/or parent accepts full responsibility for all of the above including the drop off and punctual collection of students.  

Student discipline – Every effort is made to teach students the appropriate club etiquette and disciplines. However the club will not be responsible for a student’s lack self discipline and for not paying attention and doing as instructed. If a student does not act as requested with a ‘positive attitude’ they will be disciplined in the club’s normal manner.  If a student continues to show a lack of discipline or good attitude, they may be asked to leave the club. It is expected that parents will supports the club’s reasonable efforts to discipline students.  You also accept that all decisions made by the instructor/s are in the best interest of your child or other students whether or not you are present in the training area.

Free incentives – Any free incentives are only offered on the condition that your fees are paid PRIOR to the DUE DATE stated on your invoice.

Responsibility – It is the student’s (and/or their parent’s) responsibility to make sure that they are fully aware of club etiquette, rules and safety requirements and act in accordance with club requirements at all times. These can be obtained from your instructor or can be found in the Junior or Adult Training Manual supplied when you join WSKF Australia.

Non-Political and non religious – All students, parents and guardians are expected to show respect for the traditional Japanese culture from which Karate was born, and this includes performing the traditional bows.  Training and Karate events carry no political or religious connotations.  When we bow we simply show respect for the discipline’s traditions and former masters, as is common in cultures all over the world.  If this concept conflicts with your religious practices, we recommend that you consider another sport, since bowing is an intrinsic element of Karate and an important expression of its overall ethos.  Failure to bow in the correct fashion will be viewed as a failure to accept the rules and expectations of our organisation, and may lead to expulsion.

Rules – All students who have signed the Club application form and/or have paid fees are bound by club rules and terms and conditions at all times (both inside and outside the club). Failure to do so may result in immediate expulsion from the club.

Student progress – Every effort is made to teach every student the best possible techniques and practices by experienced instructors. However the club will not be responsible for a student’s lack of progress due to being too young, lacking concentration or motivation, poor/disjointed attendance, or lack of personal/self discipline or not practising between classes, or for poor diet, sleep or other health issues.

Gradings – The grading fee is payable on invoice whether the student received a clear or provisional pass. The club reserves the right to refuse to grade any student.

Refunds – We do not offer refunds on goods purchased, fees or registrations if you should change your mind, make a wrong selection or have a change of circumstances. However credits may be applied to future purchases or training, at the discretion of the club.

Late payments – It is the responsibility of the student/s (and/or their parents) to make sure that fees are paid in advance, prior to training. If you are training without paying first for the lesson you will be charged at the casual ‘per class’ fee of $18 for children under 18 years, and $25 for adults.      Plus a $5 per month admin/billing fee for chasing the payment should this be required.

Photos & Copyright – Students may be required to take part in demonstrations, photographic and video displays to promote the club in a variety of media from time to time, as advised. If you do not want your child or yourself to take part please advise us in writing prior to the event. Originals of such recorded events and materials will remain the property of the club.

Debt collection – Club members will be charged a $5 per month fee for any unpaid debt 30 days from date of invoice. The club member accepts that the debt may be passed on to a debt collection agency and all costs incurred to recover the debt will be borne by the club member.

Copyright – Subject to the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) any original work, training program, process or other material produced in the course of your training remains the property of the Club. This includes copyright in any material such as training materials, syllabuses and grading programs.

Whether or not copyright exists, the personal ownership of all materials created for the purpose of, or in the course of your training, rests with the Club and should not be used other than for the purposes of the Club’s business.

Confidentiality – You must not, either during or after the term of your training with the Club, divulge (whether directly or indirectly) to any person, club or other organisation, any training program, customer list or other confidential information concerning the training or business affairs of the Club or its associated entities of which you may become aware during the course of or incidental to your training and will use your best endeavours to prevent the publication or disclosure of any such proprietary or confidential information belonging to the Club or its associated entities. 

Any account or training discrepancies or complaints are to be directed to Grant Rollinson in person on (08) 9444 3737 or  0417 946 882 or by email to: admin@gskarate.com or writing to: G S Karate, PO Box 214, Mt Hawthorn WA 6915. Students and parents are requested to show respect by keeping any such discussions away from other students and the dojo.  

By filling out our GSK Application Form and agreeing and submitting to our Terms and Conditions  I/we (meaning the student/parent/Guardian) confirm that I/we have read and fully understand the Global Shotokan Karate Terms & Conditions shown above, and that I/we agree and will comply with every item.

I wish to make application to be a student of World Shotokan Karate Federation Australia (WSKFA) and Global Shotokan Karate (GSK) and agree to abide by all rules, regulations and directives as determined and issued from time to time by the Instructor/Teacher. I agree to pay all fees owing as they fall due, and accept all liability for all outstanding fees and the cost of collecting those fees should my membership lapse or I resign and in such cases where I cease to be a member of WSKFA or GSK, to immediately pay any outstanding fees and the cost of collecting those fees owed to WSKFA or GSK.


I declare I have read and signed the Informed Consent and Participation Commitment document and the medical Clearance Form (PAR-Q), and that I will, prior to my participation in any WSKFA or GSK related activity or the commencement of any Karate-Do session, advise the instructor/teacher of any injury or illness, medical, mental or other, that may place me, or other participants at risk or be further aggravated by my participation in the activity.


I declare I will enter into the physical activity required in WSKFA or GSK entirely at my own risk and neither WSKFA or GSK, their Instructors, servants nor individuals shall be responsible for any personal or bodily injury which I may suffer whilst at any Dojo (club) of WSKFA or GSK. Furthermore I hereby indemnify and hold harmless WSKFA and GSK, its instructors, servants and all other persons, from, and against, all legal liability (contractual or otherwise) to me in respect of bodily injury and/or damage or loss of property arising by any means what so ever, including the negligence or default (wilful or otherwise) of WSKFA or GSK, their instructors, servants or any one or more of them, or any person whose negligence or default WSKFA or GSK is or may be liable or arising out of any defect, whether latent or patent on the equipment or premises where WSKFA or GSK activities are held.


I give WSKFA and GSK Clubs permission to film/video and photograph the applicant for publicity and for marketing of their clubs in future. I agree that the photographs and negatives (if applicable) remain the property of WSKFA and/or GSK.


I accept that the Instructor/Teacher reserves the right at any time to refuse to teach me, in part or for an indefinite period, or allow my participation in any WSKFA or GSK activity solely at his or her discretion for whatever reason.       

WSKF Australia - Informed Consent and Participation Commitment

For participation in World Shotokan Karate-do Federation Australia training, competition and related activities. 

Read Part A, and then complete and sign either Part B or Part C (not both) and then complete Part D over page.

Part A – (As per application form) WSKF Australia training, competition and related karate activities are designed to be non-contact.  Due to the very nature of karate, physical and mental demands can be very high.  Techniques are often delivered at high speed and participants are required to move with rapid change of direction.  Also, due to the nature of training and competition, participants may be required to train with and compete against others of varied age, weight, height and skill levels.

Various musculoskeletal injuries may result simply due to the high velocity movement.  Also, unintentional physical contact may result during technique delivery, evasion or application of unbalancing or counter techniques.

As a member of WSKF Australia you agree to follow the directions of the Sensei (teacher).  You also agree to apply yourself, to the best of your endeavours, to the development of your character, to be truthful, to foster and display a spirit of effort, to apply proper etiquette, and to display courage without impertinence.

You are advised of the inherent risk and the participation commitment expected and by signing this Informed Consent and Participation Commitment Form and taking part in WSKF Australia karate activities (or if a parent or guardian, allowing your child to take part), you knowingly accept that risk and commitment for yourself (or your child) and absolve WSKF Australia of any injury, physical or otherwise, that may result due to these inherent risks and participation commitment.

Part B (As per application form) to be completed only by parent/guardian of junior participant younger than 18 years.

As a parent or legal guardian of the nominated junior participant below, I declare that I have read and fully understand the above outlined inherent risks of karate and the endeavours expected of participants (as per Part A) and give my informed consent for participation in WSKF Australia karate activities.

Part C – (As per application form) to be completed by participants 18 years and older

As a physically fit and mentally competent adult, I declare that I have read and fully understand the above outlined inherent risks of Karate and the endeavours expected of participants (as per Part A) and give my informed consent for participation in WSKF Australia karate activities.


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