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Testimonials from Parents


Dear Sensei Grant

We enrolled Matt in Karate in the hope it would meet many needs. These included; improving his physical fitness and coordination, brain gym to help with his learning difficulties and the lack of confidence arising from these and as an opportunity to socialize outside the classroom.

We are delighted and want to share with you the great improvements Matt has achieved after just six months of training with Shotokan Karate. The difference in his report card at the end of the semester two was astounding. His teachers commented on his better focus and organisational skills. The sports teacher noticed an 80% improvement in aerobic fitness. His curriculum support teacher noted a rapid and marked improvement in his handwriting. Socially he was able to work co-operatively.

Previously Matt was often anxious and awkward, so as parents, to see him develop confidence and resilience is just a dream come true. The benefits have been so transparent that Karate is not negotiable, as we believe it will continue to enable Matt to reach his best potential.

We would recommend karate training to the parents of any child struggling with attention, learning and confidence problems. At worst the child will be fitter and make a few new friends.

Our thanks to Sensei Linda, Giles, and yourself for the positive and enthusiastic way the training and mentoring is delivered and the benefits we have seen for Matt.


Doctors  (Last name withheld for privacy)


Dear Grant


My daughter, Jessica (14) (name changed for privacy), started Karate with you at your Doubleview Club premises at the beginning of this year. Up until now she has had few real interests/hobbies in life. She has only a few good friends yet prefers to laze around the house.

She was doing Piano lessons but obviously hated the teacher etc, etc.. so I made a deal with her and said that if she agreed to go to Karate she could give up Piano. She agreed willingly and we started Karate after a long discussion with yourself in January this year.

I am so proud of Jessica as she has put everything into it. I have purposefully stayed supportive but in the background, as I wanted to see how this new interest was going to unfold. It has got to the stage that she calls me at 4:30pm at work to make sure that I will be home in time to take her to Karate at 6:00 pm!!

She is truly a different Girl. She is more focused and disciplined and seems to have much more drive. she still forgets to make her bed occasionally but I guess that is normal. I even asked her if I should not watch the lessons as I was afraid that it may be cramping her style. To my utter amazement, she said no she likes it when we are present. She would never have said this a year ago.

Jessica’s general attitude is so much better and she seems to be “coming out of her shell” with this newfound confidence.

I can truly recommend Karate as a sport as it is truly one of the only sports, where you can learn a life skill as an individual yet partake as a team member and your progress, is measured regularly at every grading. This instills confidence whilst mapping progress. Fantastic!

This is just a short thank you and your team for helping to give Jessica purpose and discipline in life. She is thriving on it. You said it would be good for her before she signed – and wow what a difference!

Thank you again to you and your team for all the effort that you have put in.

Kind regards


Very Happy Dad.


Sensei Grant and Sheela,

Witra and I were delighted to hear that Janvier got awarded his Black belt last night. 
His journey and development over the many years has been very fascinating for us to observe and we look forward to his future progress.  
None of this would have been possible but for the absolute focus and care you and your team have displayed over the many years. 
We sincerely thank all of you and look forward to an enriching future. 
Our best wishes to both of you and your family for the festive season and a great new year.
Best regards,

Valmiki and Witra


Grant and Sheela run great karate classes. It’s professional with a high level of skill taught, but it has a real family atmosphere.

Our daughter has made friends, built confidence and learned so much!