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The benefits of Karate and Martial Arts classes for adults and where to find them near Riverton

The benefits of Karate and Martial Arts classes for adults and where to find them near Riverton​

Some people think that karate and martial arts focus on teaching people how to fight, but it primarily concerns self-defence. Shotokan karate in Riverton teaches discipline, focus, and respect, while refining listening skills and confidence, which is why it’s such a beneficial hobby for children. However, karate schools in Doubleview can be just as good for adults as they are kids due to the health benefits, which include stress relief, weight control, stamina, muscle tone, flexibility and much more.

At GSK Karate, we’ve been holding karate classes near Riverton for both children and adults for over three decades, making us one of the area’s most experienced schools. We now have five schools located in Doubleview, Ellenbrook, Cannington, Riverton and Kwinana, some of which are not far from Riverton. We believe that it’s never too late for adults to start learning the art of Shotokan karate near Riverton for the reasons detailed below.


Karate schools in Joondalup offer you a way to make new friends, improve your mental health and enjoy a new hobby. Plus, in the process of learning self-defence – a skill that will stay with you for life – you can realise the following benefits by signing up for our martial arts classes in Joondalup:

  • Relieve Stress

Martial arts do not promote reckless violence in any way, shape, or form. They focus on respect for yourself and one another while teaching discipline, patience, and control. However, you do still get to punch, kick and scream, which is an effective way to de-stress.

  • Give Your Body a Full Workout

A high-aerobic workout, Shotokan karate works almost every muscle group in your body, improving your stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, balance, and strength.

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight

Remaining in peak physical health becomes increasingly challenging as we age, so if you want to burn calories while working out your entire body, you might be interested in enrolling in one of our karate schools near Joondalup. Many studies also suggest that martial arts classes can help you regulate food cravings.

  • Improve Your Self-Confidence

We could all do with a confidence boost from time to time. Learning new skills and seeing noticeable improvements in your performance will improve your self-esteem, which could have a positive effect on many aspects of your life.

  • Potentially Prevent a Range of Health Conditions

Improving your overall fitness as well as mental health through martial arts classes in Joondalup could help prevent ailments including heart disease, asthma attacks, osteoporosis, and much more.

Learn More about Karate Classes in Joondalup for Adults

Regardless of your age or ability level, you’re welcome to come to our karate classes in Riverton to learn a new skill that could work wonders for your quality of life. All our students and instructors are respectful, and while you learn how to defend yourself, we almost guarantee you’ll make new friends. If you want to take steps towards improving your mental and physical health by starting a new hobby that you might love, then contact us on (08) 9444 3737.