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Dear Sensei Grant

We enrolled Matt in Karate in the hope it would meet many needs. These included; improving his physical fitness and co-ordination, brain gym to help  with his learning difficulties and the lack of confidence arising from these and as an opportunity to socialise outside the classroom.

We are delighted and want to share with you the great improvements Matt has achieved after just six months of training with Shotokan Karate. The difference in his report card at the end of the semester two was astounding. His teachers commented on his better focus and organisational skills. The sports teacher noticed and 80% improvement in aerobic fitness. His curriculum support teacher noted a rapid and marked improvement in his handwriting. Socially he was able to work co-operatively.

Previously Matt was often anxious and awkward, so as parents, to see him develop confidence and resilience is just a dream come true. The benefits have been so transparent that Karate is not negotiable, as we believe it will continue to enable Matt to reach his best potential.

We would recommend karate training to the parents of any child struggling with attention, learning and confidence problems. At worst the child will be fitter and make a few new friends.

Our thanks to Sensei Linda, Giles, and yourself for the positive and enthusiastic way the training and mentoring is delivered and the benefits we have seen for Matt.

John and Christine (name with held for privacy)


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