Weight Loss

Karate is one of the best types of exercise to lose weight and get fit (see diagram 1 below). This is because you are using all parts of your body almost all the time, especially your brain.

This burns fat and builds muscle very fast which is great for someone wanting to lose weight.

Weight Loss

To really lose weight you need two things.

1. To be “consistent” *
* Meaning: acting or being done in the same way over time, unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time.

Consistency in exercises – whatever the exercise whether it be Karate, another sport, a workout in the gym, having a personal trainer or just going for a walk each day. If you are not doing some kind of exercise regularly then the weight will just creep back on.

Consistency in quality and quantity of food – Whether it be healthy or not so healthy you need to consistently monitor the quality and the quantity. If you are not consistent with what and how much you regularly eat then the weight will just creep back on.

2. To have “self-discipline” **
** Meaning: the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses.

  • Self-discipline to go to your regular sport, to the gym, to continue personal training, or go for a walk every day.
  • Self-discipline to choose the right foods.
  • Self-discipline to make sure you don’t eat too much food.
  • Self-discipline to make sure you eat at the right times.

So why do Karate instead of any other exercise?

The Karate ranking system enables you to learn new things in every lesson for your next rank. Once you gain one rank it gives you confidence and pride and motivates you to gain your next rank. It doesn’t get boring from doing the same old exercises every session like many other sports or exercises. This makes the student very keen but also very consistent because they really want to be there and makes it much easier, because you “want” to be there, rather than feeling you “have” to be there. During Karate classes, you are regularly taught self-discipline and self control which many of us may not have learnt at an early age because we didn’t have the necessary help.

Physical Fitness

With each new belt comes a whole new set of skills to learn and to practise. This means you are continually practising new techniques that enhance your abilities. 

These new techniques or combinations of techniques gradually require more and more effort which in turn requires more energy. The result is your physical fitness just keeps improving and your body fat just keeps getting less and less because your body simply burns up any spare fat on your body.

Your martial arts training center provides all sorts of classes for all ages.